Painting & Printmaking for me is a way to express a feeling that can’t be otherwise shown. My artwork takes a critical examination of elements of nature, this varies between wood and greenery and the various ways they can be made into art. In my work, I explore different qualities that can be formed from nature and through the use of bold colours, patterns and design these ideas come to life. My goal when creating artworks is to allow the viewer to question the material at hand and how natural inspiration can form paintings and prints.
2017 Bachelor of Arts Honours, Studio Art Major & Museum Studies Minor, University of  
Guelph. Area of specialization: Printmaking and Painting

2018 Newmarket Studio Tour, October 13 & 14, Old Town Hall, Newmarket, ON
2017 Departures, Painting IV, March 27 to April 2, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, ON
See & Take, March 20 to 25, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph
49th Annual Juried Art Show, March 17 to 19, Zavitz Hall, University of Guelph
2016 48th Annual Juried Art Show, March 18 to 20, Zavitz Hall, University of Guelph
CTRL-P, March 14 to 18, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph
2017 University of Guelph Printmaking Prizes award recipient 
2016 Honorary mention, Top 10 placement in 48th Annual Juried Art Show
2013 University of Guelph Entrance Scholarship
2017 Development Chair, Departures, Painting IV exhibition, Guelph, ON
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